Class Saints
Class Teacher(s) Saint
Year 6 Mr J Hamill St Peter
Year 6 Mrs Mackell-Yeend St Bernadette
Year 5 Mrs N Turner St Andrew
Year 5 Mr M Hemsley St Francis
Year 4 Mrs A Ragan, Mrs K Holmes St Anne
Year 4 Miss G Spavold St Anthony
Year 3 Mrs G Risorto St Margaret
Year 3 Mr A Downing, Mrs L Kerry St Theresa
Year 2 Miss A Stanley St Patrick
Year 2 Mrs E Cooke St Clare
Year 2 Mrs Wigley St Elizabeth
Year 1 Mrs Shires St David
Year 1 Miss Harrison and Mrs Wilson St George
F2 Miss Doohan St Joseph
F2 Mrs Taylor and Mrs Barlow St Paul